Italian Sensibility at its best! Chef Melissa Kelly creates plates with her "home-grown" concept in mind. Guests will enjoy robust flavors produced through classical cooking methods with strong inspiration from cuisines off the coastal regions of Italy, France and Spain. Our chefs use local, farm fresh produce with the support of organic and sustainable agriculture. Primo cuisine features ingredients cultivated from the resort’s on-site Primo Organic Garden.

Pedro Sanchez  - Chef de Cuisine, Primo

Pedro Sanchez - Chef de Cuisine, Primo

When you grow up in a big family in Puerto Rico where amazing fruits, vegetables and seafood are easily within reach, cooking great meals and sharing them with friends and family is an integral part of the culture. For Chef Pedro Sanchez, being surrounded by remarkable food sparked a culinary interest, which motivated him to start cooking at just 14 years old. He began helping his mother with her catering business, then graduated to a professional kitchen at the age of 17, and has not stepped away from the stove ever since.

Chef Sanchez joined Marriott International in 2000 and worked his way up in the kitchen at various Marriott Hotels, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, and other properties. He had the privilege of working with many fine-dining chefs, most notably Chef Jose Andres at Mi CASA at Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve property. Yet once he saw Primo here at the JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes, he knew he had found his true home.

“When you are a chef, you want others to experience great food. The way to do that is using amazing quality ingredients, cooking them simply, and paying close attention to the flavors, colors, and aromas. These are all important factors I focus on with every dish I create,” notes Chef Sanchez. And it doesn’t hurt to have amazing ingredients from the Primo Organic Garden on property for him to utilize.

"I want guests at Primo to experience something awesome, and, at the same time, something completely different. I want to delight them and provide an incredible culinary occasion they will remember for many years to come."

Chef Sanchez feels extremely lucky to be able to cook in the state of Florida. Since Orlando is quickly becoming a culinary destination in its own right, the region has astonishing diversity of produce, proteins, seafood, and specialty items. He is always delighted with what you can find in Florida - everything from tiny heirloom carrots to one of the most expensive meats in the world “Wagyu-beef."

"I have an incredible passion for food which dates back as far as I can remember,” notes Chef Pedro. “I knew I always wanted a career in this field. It fulfills me and makes me very happy to share my culinary passion and talent with our guests.”

Undoubtedly, his passion for cooking creates an equally amazing experience for Primo guests.

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